Target Industries

Subsea & Offshore

ROV Insurance (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
AUV Insurance (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
Specialist Marine & Other Liabilities
Specialist Equipment
Hydrographic Survey and Geophysical Services
Subsea Engineering, Construction, IMR, Asset Management, NDT
Environmental Management / Monitoring and Emergency Intervention

Labour Hire / Payroll Services / Recruitment

We understand the payroll industry, namely that there are many providers which are more so an external workforce manager rather than short-term/contract staffing providers, the latter often incurring undesirable claims frequency and the former often being over-charged even where there are no claims

We commonly see incorrect rating of underlying worker activity, often the tasks of the labour hire workers are a lower risk than what is being charged, we can review and renegotiate how the insurance is charged

Professional Services (Engineering & Technical Disciplines)

Predominantly white collar oil & gas; petrochemical engineering, subsea, electrical instrumentation & control, rail systems and aerospace & aviation.

We have unique access to global insurance markets

High Risk, Complex & Specialty

Generally larger and/or higher value property often located in cyclone zones or of – sandwich panel (EPS/PIR) construction
Complex Liabilities, often due to contractual environment or specialist services (UXO extraction, Isotope Transport, Marine Construction)
Foreign jurisdictional risk (international contracts, new markets, multinational workforce)
If you’ve found it difficult to secure insurance than it is likely we can help

Venues, Events & Security

We partner with preferred venues to deliver favourable insurance arrangements.

We seek to support local & national events, arranging Event Liability & Cancelation cover for one-off and series of events.

We understand the needs of security professional and varied guarding services (predominantly crowd control), our expertise enables us to better represent risk to our Insurer partners thereby achieving better results.

Tech, Start-Up & Creative

We’re here to help foster a vibrant business community, we are a disruptor ourselves and we seek to encourage and support other disruptors .

App Development, ownership, implementation and management all create areas of exposure that never previously existed, we can discuss these areas of Cyber Risk and identify which effect you and how to insure them.

We love all things creative, hence we lend our services on a ‘cost basis’ to support local creatives make the world a more colourfull, interesting and explorative place.