Full Service, No Compromise

We offer our services on a ‘whole of account’ basis whereby we manage all insurance policy requirements.


We quote, place and manage all of your general insurance policy requirements including claims, enquiries, certificate of currency production and the like. All of the fundamental and ordinary services you expect are part of our daily account servicing responsibilities to you.


There are risks you have to insure (statutory), risks you are obligated to insure (contract) and risks you prefer to insure (choice). Chase Group will identify these via our Activity Risks Analysis to understand the spread of risk across these categories to help you identify the most important risks and insuring options, thus we strategise a Risk Transfer Regime which is your insurance purchasing decision.


With our vast experience across complex industries such a subsea projects from ROV IMR through to construction and hydrographic survey, petrochemical engineering, process control, E&I, fixed & floating asset inspection, EPC/M and even social media management, business coaching and accounting services.

It’s fair to say that we have nearly seen it all and this experience spans from local SME’s to some of the largest Global players in the marketplace, we have seen new businesses start and large businesses make acquisitions. We’ve supported foreign expansion of our clients and the first Australian steps of foreign interests in Australia.



As specialist insurance providers we have the experience and expertise to advise on matters of complex risk transfer, contractual arrangements (as this relates to indemnities and insurances), and overseas jurisdictional insurance placement amongst other considerations.

Furthermore, we specialise in industry not just insurance products, meaning that we target large/complex engineering, marine, oil & gas, subsea (and other) providers and offer our services on a ‘whole of account’ basis whereby we manage all insurance policy requirements.

Additionally, we have legal partners and an extensive network of service providers, not to mention relationships with operators and tier 1 contractors that have enabled us to position our clients to swiftly comply with tenders and secure winning bids.

Contract Review
Representation to Principals
Policy Endorsement / Amendment
Review & Investigative Services
Certificate of Currency Production
Claims Management
Claims Rectification