Chase Group – Set the pace, lead the way…

Chase Group Insurance Solutions or colloquially in short, Chase Group exists to deliver excellence.

What do we do? We are Insurance Brokers, we represent our clients to insurers. We advise on risk related commercial and statutory obligations, that ultimately forms your Risk Transfer Regime i.e. insurance purchasing decisions.

It is our intention to set the pace, lead the way with our commercially sound advice and represent our clients with intelligently directed veracity; we choose this expression because knowledge is power and our superior broking style enables us to secure results that others may deceitfully endeavour to replicate.

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Our clients vary considerably but there are common links and consistent cultural fits. We represent sole traders through to global corporations, for us we look at the Time, Energy and Reward in servicing a prospective client; providing these factors balance and importantly position us to deliver on our promise of excellence, which typically looks like an enhanced insurance program, considerable reduction in premium spend (20-40%) and conveyance of high level and commercially insightful risk/insurance advice, then we would seek to welcome you on board as a client.

Please get in touch and tell us your story.

David Clarke – After excellence where others see difficulty…

David Clarke is a Perth born and raised professional with a global reach and outlook; starting his career as a specialist marine broker, laid a foundation to pursue excellence where others see difficulty.

Having dealt with Complex Risks from his career inception, it was a natural turn of events that David’s broking energies have focused on a client group that are typically misunderstood, underserviced and overpriced.

This vast specialist experience has been recognised by several awards at both local and national levels which range from the NIBA Young Professional Broker of the Year award through to Insurance Business magazines Top 30 Elite Brokers Nationally, to which, David has been placed in the list since the awards inception and consecutively each year thereafter.

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With the temptation of career advancement and international secondments on offer, it is a true and clear sign that David is an entrepreneur at heart, waiving a corporate salary and London office in favour of the opportunity to build the world’s leading specialist insurance practice.

Having executed in favour of founding a new venture, the trials of business have been testing. However the post GFC economy in fact presented opportunities to engage with organisations which in such economy were extremely receptive of the unique Chase Group approach, that has consistently delivered phenomenal results.

Whilst opportunities have sought David out, at the penaultamet reading of rapid growth, David was afflicted by a rare vyralitic complication that resulted in major trauma, emergency surgery (twice), life support, intensive care and 9 months recovery (big thank you to Royal Perth Hospital, Dr David McCoubrie and Dr. Sze Ling Wong and the Silver Chain nurses for all their support).

Against all odds David has made a full recovery and continued to grow the Chase Group worldwide. With our Headquarters in West Perth we are now focused on systemising our complex methodology and training the next generation of Insurance Brokers, as the leaders in our field we have taken ownership of the challenge to train and build our own future competition